Address: 17th Avenue, Edenvale, Johannesburg (Next to Edenvale Sport Club)

VR Birthday Parties
Here at Blue Ocean VR we host amazing birthday parties for children over the age of seven years old!
Corporate Functions
Blue Ocean VR also offer to travel to your location to provide you with best VR experiences system. (We come to you)
3D Art Classes
Blue Ocean VR offers 3D Art classes and the ART club, come and set your imagination wild!


Coming Soon From the 17th of December!!!

 we will be having our grand opening at eh new venue and we will be having a SPCIAL PRICE for the grand opening. 17 Ave Edenvale (next to the sports club)


VR Media Collection


Available in Store Now!

Weekend Vouchers
Weekday Vouchers
Standard Gift Voucher
Pre-Booking is Essential
Players Must be at Least 1.1M in Height

Virtual Reality

An experience like no other

Boasting the most stunning visuals, lifelike movement and 3D immersion that will capture your imagination with its realism. Using state of the art Virtual Reality technology we are able to successfully recreate full environments in room scale that does not only entertain audiences but also has the capability to educate the user in scenarios which can be relaxed or industry specific.

The technology used consists of a few components; a headset which is placed over the eyes and displays the high quality images without placing strain on the eyes, controllers with a simplistic button layout – allowing ease of use for even some of the younger audiences like 8 years and older – these act as ones hands inside the simulation, infrared cameras are used for tracking of the headset and controllers which recreate ones movement with extraordinary accuracy, and finally a high grade computer capable of processing the software for the displays in crisp high definition. This is how close we are to the future and we are realising new applications everyday for virtual reality.

We offer a wide variety of simulations for the thrill seeking adventurist, or the entertainment driven gamer whose skills and reaction time can be developed for future skills in sports and everyday interactions. For the future of education look no further with our unique training programs; students in primary, secondary and tertiary school can improve their abilities by making learning tangible in the sense of interacting with ones learning material opening new channels for memory and seeing how it operates in real world situations. Finally for the artist or architect of tomorrow we have design programmes that incorporate you into your own 3D space and gives you full control of what you want to create or design, the only limitation is your imagination!

Blue Ocean Virtual Reality Centre is situated in a prime location in Bedfordview and we are open to the public. We accept bookings 7 days a week and have applications which can keep your family or friends entertained for hours! The booking rate is an hourly rate so no need to worry about per person rates, we accomodate everybody in a single rate!

At Blue Ocean VR we have a wide range of applications and experiences for all walks of audiences







VR Design



Each room can take maximum 4 people to play, and everyone takes a turn to play.

(Prices for Corporate functions differ from these prices)

Weekend/Public Holiday rate
Half Hour: R190 Per Room
One Hour: R380 Per Room

Weekday special
Half Hour: R140 Per Room
One Hour: R280 Per Room
Friday Half Hour: R160 Per Room
Friday One Hour: R320 Per Room

Where to find us

Trading Hours

Everyday 10:00~18:00

Booking required:

After hours booking, Please call 072-733-5346

Social Connection

Play Rules

Blue Ocean VR facilities are to be used at your own risk.

Blue Oceans VR will not be held liable for any loss, injury, damage, fire or theft caused within this premises.

Rights of admission is reserved.

Minimum height requirement is 1.1 meters tall.

Minimum age requirement is 7 years old