VR Design Classes

Within 10 years 50% of all professions will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence, in other words, computers will take our jobs and they will be better at it! But don’t worry because new jobs will be created and one of these new jobs is a VR Designer. Creativity is unique to humans and no AI will ever be as good as humans at being creative and innovative.

We are now offering Virtual Reality Design lessons! 

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Each room can take maximum 4 people to play, and everyone takes a turn to play.

(Prices for Corporate functions differ from these prices)

Weekend/Public Holiday rate
Half Hour: R230 Per Room
One Hour: R460 Per Room

Weekday special
Half Hour: R150 Per Room
One Hour: R300 Per Room
Friday Half Hour: R180 Per Room
Friday One Hour: R360 Per Room

VR Media Collection


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Weekday Vouchers
Standard Gift Voucher
Pre-Booking is Essential
Players Must be at Least 1.1M in Height